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Posted on 01-29-2015

February and National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month are almost here! What a great time to “brush Pet Dental Health Monthup” on your pet’s dental health. After all, dental health is a super important part of your pet’s overall health. Dental problems can cause, or even be caused by, other health issues.

Not-So-Fresh Kisses?
Have you ever gotten a sniff of your dog or cat’s breath and wrinkled up your nose? Have you looked in your pet’s mouth lately and said “eww, gross” or are you afraid to look? Well, our pet’s breath may not be the most attractive anyway, but if it’s especially bad—there may be an issue. Bad breath, excessive drooling, and discolored teeth could all signify that your pet is in need of dental care. We are here to help!

Keeping Oral Diseases Away
Ideally we want to look at your pet’s mouth & gums at least once a year to check for early signs of any problems and recommend ways to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. Our pets can suffer from a number of dental problems such as broken teeth and roots, periodontal disease, gingivitis, gum disease, abscesses or infected teeth, cysts or tumors in the mouth, among others. By far, periodontal disease is the most common issue our cats and dogs face. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association without proper oral care nearly every dog and cat over the age of three will show early signs of the disease. That is scary! The good news is that oral diseases are almost entirely preventable and many are treatable when addressed quickly.

How Does This Happen?
So bacteria that normally hangs out in your pet’s mouth and plaque-forming foods can cause build-up on your pet’s teeth. This plaque can harden into tartar, which can cause gingivitis, receding gums, tooth loss and eventually oral disease. One solution? Regular teeth cleanings, of course. Let us help you design a home dental care routine that works for you! From brushing with pet toothpastes, to using specially designed dental diets and chews, to oral sprays & gels there are so many options for you and your pet in between cleanings with us, your pet’s dentist.

Getting Clean-What We Do
So what happens if we recommend a dental cleaning here at Michigan Road Animal Hospital 96th Street? Dental prophylaxis is a bit more involved in pets than in people. Since they won’t voluntarily open wide, general anesthesia is usually required to allow a complete dental exam and thorough cleaning. Without full sedation it is impossible to truly address all problem areas, especially the areas under the gumline. Additionally, sedation & anesthesia allows us to lessen your pet’s stress & discomfort during the procedure. Although anesthesia will always have risks, it’s safer now than ever and continues to improve so that the risks are very low and are far outweighed by the benefits. We will just need your pet for the day on the scheduled day of their cleaning.

Dental Month Specials!
As part of our commitment to help your pet and to celebrate Pet Dental Health Month we are pleased to offer fabulous specials to you, our clients, and your pets during the months of January & February. These include:

  • Courtesy dental examinations to determine your pet's need for a cleaning or help you develop a customized dental care plan.
  • ​15% off our dental cleanings, which includes: pre-anesthetic blood evaluation, sedation & anesthesia, monitoring before, during and after the procedure, scaling & polishing of the teeth, fluoride treatment, customized dental care plan, and free dental samples. 
  • 15% off our dental supplies including: Prescription dental diets, toothbrushes & pet toothpaste, oral cleansing gels and sprays as well as dental treats and chews.

Give us a call today to get your pet on the road to great oral health at 317-228-0645 to get more info, book your pet’s courtesy dental examination or dental cleaning. Who doesn’t want to keep their pet’s mouth & teeth their healthiest & their kisses smelling great?

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