Pet boarding can be a tough decision – after all, this is your special family member, and you want to arrange quality loving care for him/her. Michigan Road Animal Hospital at 96th Street helps make the boarding choice easy! We provide our guests a clean and safe environment to stay in while at their home away from home. We offer short term boarding for our clients, by reservation only.

If you and your fur baby are not currently clients and are interested in boarding, give us a call at 317-228-0645 about setting up an appointment so we can get acquainted with your pet.

All of our guests enjoy the following

  • Daily room (kennel) service
  • Food you bring is specially prepared how they like it OR healthy Michigan Road Animal Hospital food is provided
  • Fresh water served daily in sanitized bowl
  • Regular housekeeping
  • Comfortable bedding provided
  • Climate controlled year round
  • Outdoor breaks 3 times daily for 15-20 minutes each time
  • Arranged playtime with siblings and/or friends
  • ¼ acre fully fenced in yard
  • Indoor dog runs
  • Veterinary exam, routine procedures, bathing & grooming, and more services are available during their stay for an extra charge

Boarding Is Recommended

There are many positive benefits to pet boarding:

  • Prevents the stress of a long car, airplane or train ride
  • Allows your pet to stay where he/she is welcome (unlike most hotels)
  • Your pet receives more care and attention than if he/she were home alone
  • Constant monitoring by veterinary staff to spot potential health problems
  • Security of a kennel designed to prevent pets from escaping
  • You will have a better trip, knowing your pet is in good hands while you are away

How to Prepare Your Pet for Boarding

It is helpful if your dog or cat knows basic commands and is well socialized. If your pet is aggressive or unruly, boarding may not be a good idea. Your pet must be current on all of the required vaccinations before coming to the kennel. If your pet needs to be vaccinated, please let us know that in advance so that we can schedule their shots prior to boarding.

It’s also recommended to accustom cats and dogs to short visits to the kennel, before attempting longer stays.

Remember to:

  • Bring your pet’s medications, special food, toys, or blankets (if any)
  • Let our staff know of any behavior or health issues (such as fear of thunder or history of siezures)
  • When dropping off your pet, say your goodbyes and be on your way, because long and emotional partings may upset your pet.

In need of quality cat or dog boarding in Indianapolis? We are confident our boarding service provides everything you have been searching for and more. Don’t hesitate to stop by today for a tour of our cat and dog boarding facilities. Here at Michigan Road Animal Hospital @ 96th Street, “We treat your pets like family.” Contact us at 317-228-0645

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