Michigan Road Animal Hospital at 96th Street Covid-19 Protocols | September Updates

Our team continues to go above and beyond to provide the exceptional care and service you and your pet deserves, while preventing the spread of COVID-19. We appreciate all of the cooperation and understanding we have received from our clients during this unprecedented time. We continue our efforts to adapt our protocols to match what is necessary to protect the health of our clients and team, as well as to follow rules and guidelines set forth by our local government, and other health agencies like the CDC, WHO and the IVMA and AVMA. We remain committed to serving you and your furry family as safely as possible.

In order to maintain the health and safety of our team, as well as you, we are continuing to provide Curbside Service, exclusively at this time. We want to be able to remain open to provide our patients with the care they need. We are only allowing members of the team and your pets inside our hospital at this time. Call us or text us upon arrival from your car at 317-228-0645 and we’ll take over from there. If your pet is here for an appointment, we will continue the check-in over the phone. We will then come out to your vehicle and retrieve your pet. Depending on what your pet is here for, the Doctor will call you again while you wait so you can have a conversation about your pet’s care at their visit. We are able to take your payment/complete the checkout over the phone.

**The only exception will be for End of Life visits. We will allow up to two individuals, with appropriate masks, to accompany their pet, at this time. **

Unfortunately, we will likely need to continue Curbside Service for some time in our area. We will continue to make changes as we deem appropriate and safe for our team and for our pet parents. We have truly missed seeing all of your faces in our hospital and we know some day we will have folks back inside, safely, again.

Please continue to have all cats in a carrier & dogs leashed wearing a collar that they can’t slip out of.

We are able to provide Telemedicine appointments, virtually, as medically appropriate. If you are a current client and are interested in this service for your pet’s next visit, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You would consult with one of our doctors, but you and your pet would not come to the hospital. We would interact with you through a ZOOM appointment on your computer, phone or tablet at the specified appointment time.

We are able to accommodate annual wellness appointments and vaccinations at this time, by appointment. At this time if your pet is due for their annual wellness examination and vaccines, we can accommodate the appointment via our Curbside care. Please text our call us at 317-228-0645 to discuss your pet’s needs and we would be happy to get your fur-baby scheduled. Or, feel free to book your pet’s next annual wellness appointment online 24/7 by visiting https://indyvets.com/request-appointment/ or click BOOK NOW at the top of this page.

We are able to accommodate grooming at this time. We are also able to accommodate nail trims, baths (with-out haircuts) and boarding for our current patients, too. Please contact us today if you’d like to get your pet scheduled for any of these services. We are accommodating these appointments via our Curbside Service, too – and will likely continue this way for some time.

We are continuing to ask that you please call, text, email or use the Pet Desk app to reach out to us in advance for prescription and food refills, so that we can have them ready in advance of your arrival. Upon arrival for your items, call or text us at 317-228-0645 and we will take payment over the phone and deliver them to your car. In order to maintain social distancing, we will likely continue Curbside Delivery of refills for some time moving forward. You can also easily access home delivery of prescriptions and food by visiting our online store here. **Please give us 48 hours notice for any refills at this time.

Additional Covid-19 Protocols we are taking to protect our team and you:

  • Frequent disinfecting all clinical and common areas. From clipboards and pens to counters, exam tables, handles, knobs, as well as the medical supplies we rely on to provide care for your pet – ALL are receiving extra attention. While you may not be entering our hospital at this time, keeping our hospital clean is an essential priority.
  • Following personal hygiene best practices. Hand washing and personal hygiene are the most effective preventative actions we can take. When combined with social distancing, clean work environments, and personal protective equipment (PPE), these actions become exponentially more effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our team is always conscientious about their personal hygiene, especially in efforts to keep everyone as healthy as possible.
  • You’ll notice our team members wearing face masks. Between them and diligently washing hands and sanitizing in between appointments and deliveries to vehicles – our goal is to keep not only you, but ourselves as safe as possible. We are using PPE responsibly as appropriate and with clear guidelines.

We appreciate all the cooperation and understanding we have received from our clients in this ever changing world of COVID-19 and its need for social distancing. As always, we are committed to serving you and your furry family. Thank you for your continued understanding and support of all of us!

From your veterinary team at Michigan Road Animal Hospital at 96th Street