Cat & Dog Grooming

Michigan Road Animal Hospital Offers Cat and Dog Grooming in Indianapolis

Our veterinary hospital is proud to employ one of the best pet groomers around. Lauren, our experienced and gentle groomer, offers complete cat and dog grooming services. Lauren treats each 4 legged friend that walks through our door with loving care. We serve all cat and dog breeds, and have experience with beautifying every kind. Contact us to make your pet’s sPAW appointment today! We are conveniently located at 3845 West 96th Street, and provide care for pets from all over Indianapolis and the surrounding areas such as Washington Township, Pike Township, Zionsville, Westfield, Carmel, and East Brownsburg.

Cat and Dog Grooming Services

We promise to give your pet plenty of TLC during their sPAW day - complete with lots of love & regular potty breaks.  Prices vary depending on the type of pet and grooming needed.

Dog grooming in Indianapolis

Cat & Dog grooming includes:

•    Shampooing
•    Conditioning (if needed)
•    Brush and blow out
•    Hair cutting
•    Shaving (per instruction)
•    Ear cleaning
•    Anal gland expression (when asked)
•    Nail trimming

Optional services include: brushing teeth, dremeling nails, and hair coloring for special occasions.  

Dog Grooming Basics

Dog grooming is essential to maintaining your dog’s health and well-being. Maintaining a regular grooming schedule appropriate to the breed of your dog, including their coat type, will keep them in good condition, eliminate offensive odor, and prevent discomfort to your pet during and between grooming sessions. To ensure that dog grooming is not an uncomfortable experience for your pet, it is also important to use the appropriate grooming tools.

Here are some tips to help you provide for your dog’s grooming needs between appointments with the professional groomer:

1. Brushing
Most dogs enjoy being brushed, and spending time to groom your dog can strengthen the bond between you while maintaining your dog’s healthy coat. A dog’s minimum brushing needs depends on the breed. Choose appropriate tools and follow these guidelines.
•    Long-haired dogs usually require daily brushing to prevent matting and tangling.
•    Medium-haired dogs may be prone to matting and tangles and should be brushed at least weekly.
•    Short-haired dogs might only need brushing monthly.
•    If your breed of dog sheds excessively, or during shedding season, usually during the summer, brushing often will help keep shedding to a minimum and help keep your furniture free of unsightly fur.

2. Nail Trimming
Nail trimming can be a traumatic experience for dogs, especially if they have experienced pain from having their nails clipped too short. It can also be uncomfortable for owners, who might have difficulty handling the process. Dogs will develop an aversion to nail trimming once the experience has caused them pain or fear. If you choose to do it yourself, learn to trim nails correctly and exercise caution during the learning process. As an alternative to nail clippers, use a rotary tool. Nail clipping at your pet’s regular grooming appointment is usually sufficient to keep nails healthy and prevent discomfort or injury.

3. Bathing
Fun is not the word that comes to mind for most dog owners when it comes to bathing their dogs, especially large dogs. Most dogs are not too keen on the process either. Bathing does not have to be a daunting experience, though, if you get your dog used to the idea from a puppy and schedule bathing on a regular basis. Make sure you have all the tools you need prepared in advance, so you won’t need to run off the get a towel, etc.
Most dogs need monthly bathing. Use a shampoo specifically formulated for dogs. Depending on your dog’s skin and coat condition, we may recommend a specific shampoo tailored to your dog’s needs.

4. Ear Care
If not cleaned on a regular basis, your dog's ears can accumulate wax, which can be the perfect environment for growing bacteria and yeast.Some dogs go their whole life without developing ear disorders. In this case, the only ear cleaning needed is during bath time. Ask the veterinarian for advice on the correct method to do this without causing discomfort or trauma to your dog’s ears.
Many ear problems are related to allergies. A foul odor emanating from the ears along with a build-up of debris can indicate the need for medical care. Specialty ear cleaning products and medications can be prescribed by our veterinarians to alleviate these problems.

5. HaircutsIndianapolis dog grooming
Some dog breeds need a cut every 2- 4 weeks to keep them looking and feeling good, long-haired breeds in particular. This type of grooming is best done by a professional groomer.

Whatever your dog grooming needs may be, we have a facility and professional grooming services that are second to none. Our professional and compassionate groomer looks forward to serving you and your family pet.  Contact us today to make an appointment for dog grooming in Indianapolis!

Cat Grooming Basics

It is important to start brushing your cat when they are a kitten. This way they will grow accustomed to being brushed and learn to accept it.

When you groom your cat, remember to brush all areas of their body, even behind the arms and under their back legs. This may not be easy, so you will need to look for a good opportunity, such as when they are napping on their back.

Here are some tips to help you provide for your cat's grooming needs between appointments with the professional groomer:

  • If your cat really dislikes being brushed, use a clean oven mitt to start. This helps your cat get used to the feeling of being stroked by something different than your hand. When your cat is used to the oven mitt, move on to a grooming mitt. Finally, once the grooming mitt has gained your cat’s trust, then move on to the brush. A human toothbrush can be used for those hard to reach places like the areas around their ears.
  • Your cat may not be fond of brushing sessions, so one way to handle this is to split it up into different sections. Brushing just one section per day will be much easier on your cat.

  • Brush your cat with gentle strokes, never hard or aggressive. Use the back of the brush to stroke their fur first. Using this method will help your cat be comfortable with the brush and not be threatened by it.
  • If your cat tries to escape, try grooming on a table where it is harder for he/she to run away. Have someone else use a gentle restraint and give your cat attention while you brush.
  • When your cat has had enough, there is no point in forcing the issue. If you don’t stop when they are tired of it, then you could cause your cat to resent the brush.
  • Offer a treat when you are finished grooming. Your cat will associate the grooming experience with treats which will make your job easier the next time you attempt the brushing. It is important not to reward your cat when they behave aggressively during grooming.

Whatever your cat grooming needs may be, we have a facility and professional grooming services that are second to none. Our professional and compassionate groomer looks forward to serving you and your family pet.  Contact us today at (317) 228-0645 to make an appointment for cat grooming in Indianapolis!


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