Michigan Road Animal Hospital @ 96th Street provides pet boarding for our clients, by reservation. Pets who need medications, or those pets with special needs are welcome and encouraged to stay with us while you are away. If you would like your pet to see one of our doctors, have a routine procedure, a grooming or bath during their stay, we would be happy to make those arrangements.

If you and your fur baby are not currently clients and are interested in boarding, give us a call at 317-228-0645 about setting up an appointment so we can get acquainted with your pet.

Our hospital is climate controlled year round, and we provide the bowls and bedding. We can also provide your pet’s food, or feel free to bring your own; water is always available. All of our boarders are kept in separate kennels, and are let out at least three times daily for about 15-20 minutes.

When the weather is nice, we walk the dogs on flexi-leashes in our fenced-in yard at Michigan Road Animal Hospital–it’s a lot of fun for everybody! When the weather isn’t cooperating, we have indoor runs that are large enough to accommodate even the largest pooch and a couple of his friends, if we have permission.

All boarders are kenneled separately during feeding and at night, but if you have pets that are friends or siblings, we would be happy to arrange playtime together for them throughout the day if you would like!

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