Why have my pet microchipped?

Most animal hospitals and shelters have the ability to scan lost pets for microchips. Once the pet’s microchip is scanned, the microchip company can quickly be reached to find out the owner’s contact information, and the pet can be safely returned immediately. Having your beloved pet microchipped can provide you with peace of mind. If they become lost, you know your chances of recovering them becomes much higher. Once you’ve had your pet microchipped, just be certain to keep your contact information updated should you move or change your phone number.

How do I get my pet microchipped, and what exactly is a microchip?

This is a quick, painless procedure which doesn’t even require sedation. The microchip is no larger than a grain of rice. It is implanted with a hypodermic needle under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades by your veterinarian. It can be implanted during a regular office visit, or if your pet is having surgery, it can be injected at that time. It has a unique ID number that makes it easy to attain your information and contact you without delay.

Owners often ask if the device has GPS capability, or if it contains medical information. The answer is no to both questions. Some microchip registration databases do, however, allow storage of medical information for quick reference. If you’d like information from The American Veterinary Medical Association, click here to see more Q & A’s.

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