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Don’t order your pet’s food or medications from an online company you don’t know…shop at our online store! Earn PawRewards for your purchases, get free shipping on foods and medications for your pet and much, much more! We recommend and carry some great products in our office, but have a large variety of other pet medications as well. Check out our online store right here.

Buy with confidence–you can get your pet’s medications from us whether in person or in our online store. We’ve got great pricing, sometimes we can offer great manufacturer specials on top of our savings to you, manufacturer’s guarantees & your pet’s medications come directly from the manufacturer! When you buy from an online pharmacy, if there is a problem you get the website’s guarantee–not always the manufacturer. There is a difference!

Specials & Rebates

All specials are when doses are purchased per pet. Rebates can not be honored by the manufacturer if the product is split between pets in a family.

Think those online pharmacies have the best savings–think again! Buy from us and save $$$!

$60 Rebate
Purchase a one year supply of Heartgard for your pet & a one year supply of Nexgard or Frontline Gold and receive a 75$ visa card back in the mail.

** This offer expires 12/31/2021.

$35 Rebate
Purchase a one year supply of Heartgard for your pet & a 6 month supply of Nexgard or Frontline Gold and receive a 35$ visa card back in the mail

** This offer expires 12/31/2021.

$25 Rebate
Buy 6 doses of Heartgard and 6 doses of Nexgard to receive a $25 rebate.

** This offer expires 12/31/2021.

Bonus–we do all the work and send the rebates/receipts in for our clients. You get the prepaid Visa card back in the mail!

Specials & Rebates

A box for Frontline Gold for dogs

Frontline Gold: Buy 6 doses get 1 free!

Nexgard chewable tablets

Nexgard: Complimentary initial dose for your puppy! Also, 15$ rebate with any 6 pack purchase or a 35$ rebate for any 12 pack purchase!

Green revolution logo

Revolution & Revolution Plus for cats! Earn rewards for the doses of Revolution Plus for cats or Revolution for dogs you purchase!

Buy 6 doses, earn rewards!
Buy 9 doses, earn rewards!
Buy 12 doses, earn rewards!

Go to Zoetis Petcare to login, register and start earning your rewards!

The Hills Prescription Diet logo

For any pets on Hill’s Prescription Diet foods that are purchased through us, save money on future food purchases by registering for coupons here:

A box of Heartgard chewables for dogs

Heartgard Plus Rebates: $15 rebate with a one year supply per pet & manufacturer’s guarantee. We process the rebate for you–you get the money in the mail!

Proheart 12: $20 for the 12 month injection available by rebate by visiting:

More awards are available from additional products when purchased at our hospital. Contact us to learn more!